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Payment types currently accepted:

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VISA / Master Card

Using a credit card is the fastest and easiest way to pay for your order. This is the only method that results in shippment within 24 hours of your order.

For international orders, we will charge the US dollar amount and the translation to your local currency will appear on your Visa/MasterCard statement.

SSL Encryption is used by our site to protect your credit card number and personal data. SSL encrypts your data to prevent it from being read by any third party, and SSL also checks the validity of a digital certificate from a certification authority.

Even with encyrption, if you are still uneasy about entering your credit card number to the website, you can instead send it by Fax. To do this, use the web site, but enter 0000-0000-0000-0000 for the card number in step #3 and press the button to finish the order. Then, print the final confirmation page (or the confirmation email you receive), write your card number on the printout, and fax it to us. Our fax number is on the contact information page. Please remember that we also need the expiration date, so you will need to either select the date on step #3 or include it on the fax. You can also try calling our voice number, but please keep in mind that we are not able to attend the phone during all hours of the day, and that we are located in the Pacific time zone.


We are currently NOT accepting Paypal payments. If you need to use Paypal, please purchase through one of our authorized distributors.

In September 2010 we experiened an increase in demand for the Teensy and Teensy++ products. In response to the increase in sales, and a small number of disputes (all disputes were resolved quickly), Paypal froze our account. Paypal has requested extensive documentation before restoring our account. We have provided most of this documentation. Our account remains frozen.

Paypal has requested tracking numbers. For orders shipped by low cost postal air mail, there is no tracking service available. In time we hope to satisfy Paypal's requests by contacting those customers directly.

If we do accept Paypal in the future (any time in 2010 seems unlikely), we will never again offer low cost shipping without tracking on any purchases paid by Paypal. We will also never again accept Paypal payment for any item that is out of stock.

Corporate and University Purchase Orders

We can usually accept purchase orders from major corporations and universities within the USA. There is a $500 minimum when using a purchase order. Please email