Fully Assembled and Tested 8051 Development Board

Sold Out DEV_PCB_ASSEM Fully Assembled and Tested 8051 Development Board, Rev 5 $79

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image of the circuit board
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All boards are the latest Rev 5 version.

The 8051 development board provides an easy and low-cost way to develop your 8051 based microcontroller projects, without purchasing any other equipment, such as IC programmers or emulators. The board comes loaded with PAULMON2, which provides a simple menu-based system that enables you to download your own code into the RAM or Flash ROM on the board. When your project is finished, you can set a few bytes to tell PAULMON2 to automatically run your program at start-up, and download it into the Flash ROM chip, so the board will then run your application instead of booting into the PAULMON2 menu system. A jumper is provided, should you need to erase the Flash ROM to make any changes.

The board features two 82C55 chips, that provies 50 I/O lines and 8 LEDs, in addition to the 10 lines from the 8051's port #1, and the 8051's bus lines. A second serial connector is available, with a simple switching circuit, to make it easier to develop applications that need the serial port and must not see the menus from PAULMON2. The bottom section of the board is a pad-per-hole prototype area, where simple circuits can be added.

The fully assembled board comes ready to use. Just connect to your PC's serial port, and you're ready to start using it to develop your project.

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