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MP3 Player Board, Bare Circuit Board

This bare circuit board can be used to build the new MP3 player.

Sold Out
MP3_PCB_BARE MP3 Player Board, Bare Circuit Board $25

After the board is assembled, a hard disk drive, standard 72-pin SIMM memory, and power source are needed to make a complete player.

The STA013 MP3 decoder chip, CS4334 DAC, and VP4_0060 transformer are surface mount components. The ICs are 50 mil (1.27 mm) lead spacing parts, which are low density pin spacing, but can still be quite a challenge for anyone without some experience soldering surface mount components.

bare circuit board

You can also buy this board fully assembled and tested, as a compete kit, or as a partial kit without the on-board power supply.

Note, at this time (Aug 31, 2000) the firmware does not yet support the DRAM. This means it will work without a SIMM, but there is very little buffering, and the hard drive must be defragmented before it is used with the player. The firmware is flash upgradable, so when new firmware is available with DRAM support, you will be able to load it into the board.

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