CS4334 Digital to Analog Converter

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This tiny chip is a Dual 24 bit DAC, which provides very high quality audio output. It includes 4X interpolation and unlike many other DACs, continuous time analog output filtering. These cool features allow you to get correctly filtered line-level audio with a simple R-C filter circuit that doesn't require any extra opamps.

This chip is intended to audio applications. It is difficult to use as a general purpose DAC due to the requirement to provide continuously clocked data in I2S serial format. However, it is very easy to use with chips like the STA013 which produce I2S format data.

The CS4334 is fairly easy to use, 4 pins are digital input, 2 pins for the outputs, and 2 pins for 5 volt power. The input format is I2S format, which is one of the well supported formats available from the STA013 MP3 decoder chip. For use with the STA013, the pins 1-4 of the DAC connect direct to pins 9-12 on the STA013.

More information about the CS4334 is available at Crystal Semicondutor's website.

CS4334 chip

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