39F512 Flash ROM Chip, With JW-002 Firmware

Sold Out 39F512_JW002_PLCC Flash ROM Chip, Pre-Programmed With JW002 LCD Firmware $8

This part has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Inventory Status:Out Of Stock
Last physical count:Aug 28, 2010

This flash rom chip is pre-programmed with the JW-002 LCD firmware. You do not need this chip for a LCD purchased from PJRC because LCDs from PJRC include this chip. However, we provide this chip for people who purchased the JW-002 LCD from another source (such as Earth LCD).

This chip turns the JW-002 into a simple terminal that displays text sent to it's RxD pin at 19200 baud. It includes several commands for cursor positioning, scrolling, etc. It also can scan 12 pushbuttons connected to the 7 I/O pins and transmit programmable strings when the buttons are pressed. Full source code is available for free. This $8 chip is intended for hobbists who do not have the EPROM programmer required to program their own chip for the JW-002 LCD.

PJRC does not provide the pushbutton board, custom ribbon cable and 4 conductor cable as separate items. If you purchased a JW-002 LCD from another source, you will need to "do it yourself" with respect to connecting the power, serial port, and optional pushbuttons. This page has a schematic, board layout and other info for connecting the serial port, power and pushbuttons.


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