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Standoffs For Mounting Laptop Hard Drive To MP3 Player Board

Discontinued STANDOFF Standoff Set For Mounting Laptop Hard Drive $3

Inventory Status:No Stock

This set of standoffs allow easy mounting of a laptop hard drive to the MP3 player circuit board. The set include four M3 thread standoffs that mate with the holes on modern laptop hard drives, and four screws to secure the standoffs to the mounting holes on the MP3 player circuit board. Twelve nylon washers are also included, to take up the extra space if the laptop drive is thin and its threaded holes are not as deep at the length of the M3 threaded post of the standoff.

photo of standoff parts

This second photo shows how the standoffs are used to mount a laptop drive to the MP3 player circuit board. Also shown in the photo is the MP3 Player Board and IDE Laptop Drive Cable and a Hitachi DK23AA-12 laptop hard drive.

photo of standoff parts

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