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Standard 72 Pin SIMM, 4, 8, 16, or 32 Megs, Used

Sold Out
SIMM_16M Standard 72 Pin SIMM, 16 Megs, Used $6
Sold Out
SIMM_32M Standard 72 Pin SIMM, 32 Megs, Used $8

These SIMM memory modules are used. We have a limited suppy, so please check our main part list to verify which ones are available. We test each SIMM with a MP3 player board, to verify that it works. We do not sort these SIMMs based on speed (50, 60, 70 ns), parity, or standard fast page (FPM) vs extended data out (EDO), because the MP3 player board works with all these types, and there is no advantage to using faster speeds or EDO with the MP3 player.

photo: 16 meg simm
Typical 16 Meg SIMM (actual SIMM may vary)

photo: 32 meg simm
Typical 32 Meg SIMM (actual SIMM may vary)

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