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MP3 Player Board, Partial Kit, No Power Supply

This MP3 player circuit board contain the components require to build the new MP3 Player design, but without the switching power supply. After the board is assembled, a hard disk drive, standard 72-pin SIMM memory, and power source are needed to make a complete player. Without the switching power supply, the power source must provide regulated output at 5 volts to power the circuitry on the board. If a standard size 3.5 inch hard drive is used, a 12 volt supply line will be required.

No Longer Available MP3_PCB_KIT_NOPS MP3 Player Board, Partial Kit, No Power Supply $130

This partial kits does not include the power supply components. Without the power supply, the MP3 player must be powered by a regulated 5 volt power supply, using these pads:

5 volt power input pads

The STA013 MP3 decoder chip and CS4334 DAC are surface mount ICs that have 50 mil (1.27 mm) lead spacing parts, which are low density pin spacing, but can still be quite a challenge for anyone without some experience soldering surface mount components. If you're not comfortable soldering these surface mount parts, please consider the fully assembled board.

photo of all the parts included in this kit

These parts come packaged in 6 bags, corresponding to the assembly steps for the main portion of the player, which are included in one larger bag as shown.

photo show how these parts are packaged into bags with identifying labels

There is also a version of this kit that includes the parts for the on-board power supply. The board as built with this kit will require an external power supply that can provide the 5 volt regulated supplies needed by the board.

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