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Techknowman 24x8 LCDs with Backlight, for the MP3 Player

Sold Out
TMAN_LCD_WH_DARK Techknowman 24x8 LCD with White Backlight/Dark Characters, Inverter, Pushbuttons, and Cables $77

Update, October 22, 2004: These Techknowman LCDs are out of stock. We do not have a date when more will be available.

These LCD kits include a 24x8 LCD with backlight installed by Techknowman, and all other components needed to use with the MP3 player project. There are

Backlight LCD (White/Light), Photographed in dim lighting

This $77 package includes a LCD with the backlight pre-installed. An inverter (power supply) for the backlight is included. The inverter requires 12 volts DC. The LCD includes a programmed firmward chip and ribbon cable installed. A pushbutton board and 4 conductor cable are also included, to make a complete package ready to use with the player. An extra polaring film is also provided, which can be installed to invert the appearance of the characters.

contents: LCD with backlight, firmware and ribbon cable installed; inverter; pushbutton board; and 4 pin cable

Required assembly involves plugging the ribbon cable into the pushbutton board, connecting the pushbutton board to the mp3 player with the 4 pin cable. The LCD will operation without power to the backlight, but you will want to connect the backlight for a display that is readable in the dark. The inverter plugs into the LCD, and its two leads must be connected to a 12 volt DC power supply. The ribbon cable connector, 4 pin connectors and inverter connector are polarized to prevent backwards connection.

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