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User Photo Gallery

Each photo is a link to a page with the larger original images we received. Each link shows the approximate total download size, in case you're using a slow internet connection.

Four Photos by Patrick Fischer

Three Photos by Daniel Pead

Two Photos by Dave Johnson

Two Photos by Brian Martin

Five Photos by Steven Webb

Two Photos by Chris Sterling

7 Web Pages, Derek Joos, Et. All

Three Photos by Sean Auriti

Four Photos by Dean Woodyatt

Three Photos by Peter Randall-Cook

Dean Woodyatt's LCD Backlight!

Nine Photos by Gernot Pascuttini

Two Photos by Matthew Williams

Seven Photos by Roddy Collins

Tom Parker's Player
(external site)

Four Photos by Erik Klesznia

Four Photos by "Max L"

Eight Photos by Allan Tarantino

Five Photos by Guy Ubaghs

Ten Photos by Bernie Pallek

Seven Photos by Simon Bateman

Four Photos by Cheuk Poon

Thirteen Photos by Stephen Hill

Nine Photos by Pariac

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Add Your Photo To This Page

We'd like to show your MP3 player photos here. All you have to do is email one or more images to this address. If you'd like to include the preview image, please make sure it's sized 240 by 180 and it's compressed as much as possible (usually 4k to 6k). It is not necessary to include a preview image... we will make one if needed. Images should be between 640x480 to 1024x768 and in JPEG format with "reasonable" compression (file size under 100k). It's ok to email very large images and/or images without much compression, and we'll scale and compress them as needed. It's nice to keep the total download under 360k (approx 2 minutes for dialup users).

Please include some text describing your photos, which will appear on the page with the pictures. Visitors to your pictures will probably want to know about the other items appearing in the pictures. Try to explain what they are, where they can be acquired, how much they cost, and what you needed to do to use them as shown in your pictures. Include any other information or advise that you think would be useful.

If you wish to remain anonymous, please mention that in your message. We won't post your email address, unless you specifically request it (you may want to supply a "nospam" version). If you have a web site, let us know so we can include a link on your photo's page.

MP3 Player, User Photo Gallery
Individual photos are copyrighted by their respective authors
Last updated: February 23, 2005
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