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User Photos:

Some pics for the website. The board is a revision A, with a 1500mA power supply from Radio Shack. I also have a cigerette adapter for car usage. The SIMM is, I think, an Hitachi, but it's 32Meg. The HDD is a new Fujitsu laptop drive, 9MM, at 6.1 Gig. I decided to go with something other than clear plexi, and instead went with .250 grey plexi. I have also learned that the people who cut and finished the box don't really give a rats a$$ about the quality of their work. Lesson here being to cut and glue it myself next time. The top will eventually be hinged, as soon as I find the time to get to the local hardware shop. Or I might go the route of thumb screws, which ever is easier.

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