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Photos From Pariac

I have added Techknowman's backlit LCD and it is a heck of an improvement.

Attached is a pic with the backlit LCD to add to the site when youget a chance.

9 photos of the Mk I player. Rather than wait for everything to fall into place (USB/Ethernet, State control etc) I decided to get use and enjoyment out of the player while I have it. The sound is super thru my Harmon Kardon Amp and Tannoy Mercury speakers.

I have a laptop 6.5 GB IBM Travelstar (half full only!). It is connected to the 3.5 HDD connector via a 3.5->2.5 IDE cable. This has a PC (12v/5v) power connector on both ends - one on the cable and the other on the power cable drawing 5v from the MP3 board. To load MP3s I just disconnect the 3.5 ide connector, unplug the PC power connector and plug it into the PC IDE and a spare PC power connector. A bit kludgey but its quick and easy.

Once I sort out my USB problems I will go that route.

I used normal hardware store perspex - cut out holes using a drill for the buttons and the Display mounting screws. I mounted the board itself on high standoffs to give it a better look. I heated the perspex with a blow torch and bent it back. This stuff is very hard to work with and this was my 3rd attempt to mount the board onto it. Cracks, overheating and poor drilling led to the demise of the other attempts ;)

Other things I did were to solder the display connector and the LCD connector on the board to make it easier to fit stuff on the board. That's it.

Mk II will have a more professional perspex appearance, USB, IR remote and EL backlight. I'll post those as they happen.

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