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User Photos:

Heres a few photos of the palm serial comms in action I'm not overly familiar with programming the palm, but i've done some C in unix a few years ago, so i'm hoping to maybe program a thing for the palm sometime (I'm a lazy sod tho, so dont hold your breath ;)

anyway, the PTelnet program is freeware, and is available from

I've taken a photo of the setup of the program, You just need to have the palm in the cradle, and use a Null modem cable to connect to the player. I just made an adaptor for the firmware upgrade cable (saves unplugging the player to change cables) Pinouts are : 2 to 3    3 to 2    and    5 to 5.

SignalPalmMP3 Player
Data, Palm to Player23
Data, Player to Palm32

I'm running the player from an old PC PSU I had lying around, to make the cable for the player power, I cut up a cable off an dead fan I had. this has a hard drive male plug on one end and a female on the other, The fan is powered from 12V, so I swapped the 5v (red) and 12v (yellow) wires on both ends of the cable, so that the wires that were going to the fan now had 5V. The female end plugs onto the PSU, the male into your 3.5" HDD and the 5V powers the player!. Fortunatley my PSU has an internal on/off switch, Be careful if yours hasn't.. I'm using a 'busted' IBM 10 Gig HDD, for the player, the hdd wont work as a primary boot HDD in the computer, but it works fine as a secondary and in the player!

I've been playing with my player for a while now, I've had a 2 gig laptop drive on it for a while, I've connected it to the car, abeit temporarily, to see what it sounds like, the ultimate aim is to rip the guts out of an old cd changer and 'bung' it inside.

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