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User Photos:

Attached are a couple of pics that can replace the one on your photo page.

Dean's website has detailed instructions. Click on "The Instructions" when you get there.

Only part of the display is backlit, as the sample of Electroluminescent sheet sent to me is quite small, I didnt want to splash out and find it didnt work!,

the display is very night viewable now, all i need is a bigger piece of EL sheet, and the whole display will look really good, The pictures dont do it justice.

Just a quick picture to show how my display hacking is going,

Its not finished yet, I'm waiting on some Electoluminescent sheet to use as a backlight, at the moment, I've put white paper behind the display, and the characters are only using ambient light Hopefully when the EL light turns up, The display will be very dark, whilst the characters show the light thu, Making the display night visible.

I'm hoping to get some people interested if this works, and make a kit instructions!, not sure of cost yet though, but it will hopefully be less than $20

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