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Photos From Simon Bateman

After buying the Kit in Feb 2001 It has finally made it into my car. There are further details of both the car and the player at

Basic Spec :

MP3 player board built from partial kit powered by my own design switch mode supply to give 5v and 3v DC. Fujitsu 6 Gig Laptop drive. Player is running standard release 0.6.10 and works well.

Display is a 2 x 16 Large character LED Back lit, this makes it as viewable as possible and is still easily read in direct sunlight. The display controller board is based on a PIC 16F874 running at 20 Mhz and includes 2 RS232 ports ( one used for Serial commands to the player while the second is used to switch the player and amp on ). The board also has a 5v switching regulator as I had heat dissipation problems due to the 200 mA drawn by the LCD backlight which made linear regulator get too hot. The software for the Display Keypad board is written in Compiled Basic.

The Car has no head unit installed the Headphone output is taken straight to the back of the car to the high level inputs on a Alpine MRV130 amp and a set of (old) Pioneer coaxial speakers.

The Car is a Stylus which is a component vehicle sold in the UK, which I also built myself.

There are further details of both the car and the player at

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