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User Photos:

From Chris Sterling's email:

Here are two pictures of my player and the messy wiring I did to it. I have it running with a 18GM IBM drive, and a 32MB simm, though it does only see 16MB. I've run it from batteries, 12VDC ATX power, and now mostly 12VDC unreg. in my truck. I've wired up a simple 15pin connector to the buttons/toggles for control (DPDT momentary toggles for volume/prev-next) and buttons for play/pause and random. I added an on/off switch for car power as well as a LED. A CPU fan, and chunk of aluminum cool the power supply, even on these hot Texas days. It's mounted right under the roof of the truck on an overhead console, within easy reach.

Plans are to get the LCD board and such, and update to a new firmware while I have it down for upgrades. It's been running great, I am very happy with it.

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