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User Photos:

From Steven Webb's email:

Attached are some photos of my player that I built from your kit. Sorry they are a bit blurry. As you can see, I have installed it in a removable hard drive caddy and used a 4GB laptop hard disk. I havent actually copied files to it using the hard drive bay yet, as I copied all my MP3's to it in one go.

I have a 122 x 32 graphic LCD display, which I am working on the interface and code for at the moment. I am trying to find some small nice buttons to fit either side of the display.

I should be able to fit a battery pack into the case also, once the new version of the code is stable, to allow me to use it portably.

Eventually, I want it to work in my car, but again there is not much point in this until you have finished the code with the hard drive spin-down between reads feature, as I think at the moment the whole thing will get too hot in the dashboard of a car!

For now, it works nicely connected to my home stereo.

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