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OSU8 Microprocessor
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Status Bits

This schematic contains OSU8's status bits. The four program visible status bits, C (carry), N (negative), Z (zero), P (pointer equal) are stored here. The Carry bit may receive its value from may possible sources, which are mulitplexed here.

OSU8 also specifies four output port bits, which may be loaded from the Carry bit. Those port bit latches and the circuitry to load them from the Carry bit are located in the lower right section of this schematic. OSU8's two input port pins are just inputs the multiplexor that loads the carry bit. Thost two input bits are not latched, they just just copied into the carry bit at the instant that a MOV IN0, C or MOV IN1, C instruction is executed.

Schematic Drawing 8:1 Mux 2:1 Mux

OSU8: Simple 8-Bit Microprocessor Design; Paul Stoffregen
Last updated: February 24, 2005
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