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You are here: Teensy Reference Eagle Libs

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Eagle Libraries

Update: Constantin has created several Teensy 3.0 parts for Eagle

Update: "kam42" posted an eagle library for the MK20 and MINI54 chips.

Update: Russell Nelson is working on symbols for GEDA.

Update: Matt Barnett sent files for Teensy++ on KiCAD.

Tamir Emran created this new library which fixes the hole size problems:

Mark Gross created an Eagle library for the Teensy++ for his line following robot project.

The file can be found on bitbucket or

Mark would like your feedback: "I think it should be reviewed again, But I think its mostly correct." Please email Mark at markgross at thegnar dot org if you use his library.


Clint Fisher also created a library for the Teensy 2.0, Caution: the hole sizes on this library have been reported too small for header pins, which usually require at least 0.038 inch / 0.97 mm diameter.  


  Wanted: any other info Eagle users might find useful...

Drawings & CAD Files

John Steensen created this Teensy++ 2.0 CAD File:

Arron (bringfire) posted a 3D model for Teensy 3.2: