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PAULMON2 Software Requirements

Two programs are required to run on your PC to use PAULMON.

Terminal Emulation

A terminal emulation program is required to communicate with your 8051 based hardware which is running PAULMON. Though nearly any terminal emulation program should work, the following programs have been reported to work:
  • ProComm (MSDOS)
  • Seyon (X11, Linux)
  • Terminal (Windows 3.1)
  • HyperTerminal (Windows 95) - note: new settings may not take effect until you quit and restart.
The data format is 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control. If you have a copy of PAULMON which is configured for a particular baud rate and crystal, then you must use that baud rate. Otherwise PAULMON will attempt to detect the baud rate setting of your terminal emulator program at start-up when you press Enter (ASCII code 13 is expected). Of course, only baud rates which the 8051 can produce with your cyrstal can be detected... it's best to try a slow baud rate first (300 or 1200) and try faster baud rates each time you restart (power off, not just a reset).

Some terminal emulation programs may send data when they are started, which can confuse the automatic baud rate detection in PAULMON. It is best to plug the 8051 board into the PC (with its power off), run the terminal emulation program, and then apply power to the board and press Enter.

Nearly all of the PAULMON features do not actually require emulation of any particular terminal. The memory editor in the extras package is an exception, which requires VT100 terminal emulation to work. If VT100 terminal emulation isn't working, the other features will not be affected.


An assembler is not strictly required to use PAULMON, but without the assembler it is very difficult to write code which can be downloaded to the 8051 based hardware via the Download Command.

Nearly any 8051 assembler which produces Intel-Hex output will work, though many 8051 assemblers have slightly different input syntax. PAULMON2 is written using the AS31 assembler, which is available for free.

PAULMON2 Documentation, Paul Stoffregen
Last updated: February 24, 2005
Status: finsihed
Suggestions, comments, bug reports??? <>