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PAULMON1 - Free 8051 Monitor Program

Note: PAULMON2 is now available. It's a great improvement over the original version. The original code will remain available, mostly for history's sake. Please use version 2. It really does work much better, and it does a lot more.


Files to Download:

    The 8051 assembly language source code for PAULMON1.
    The Intel-HEX format object code. Use this file to program the EPROM on your board, such as the built-in EPROM in a 87C52 or a 27C64 connected to the external bus. 8k of non-volatile memory is required for PAULMON1.
    An EQU template for utilizing PAULMON's built-in UART I/O functions from your programs. A short example program is provided.
    The original documentation written in 1991. The program is simple enough that it really shouldn't be necessary to read this.


I Paul Stoffregen, give no warranty, expressed or implied for the software and/or documentation provided, including, without limitation, warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

On a lighter note, I have worked hard to make PAULMON1 user-friendly and sophisticated. I hope that you find it useful.


You can customize PAULMON1. This form lets you specify the default location of your system's RAM memeory, as well as setting up the baud rate so you won't be bothered by the automatic baud rate detection. Of course, you can do these things yourself by editing the code, but this cgi program will do it for you, reassemble the code, and send you a customized ready-to-run Intel HEX format file.

PAULMON1, The Free 8051 Family Monitor, Paul Stoffregen
Last updated: February 24, 2005
Status: PAULMON1 completed, current version in use since 1991.
Status: Additional documentation and ZIP format file planned.
Suggestions, comments, criticisms?? <>