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Rev 4
New Rev 4 Board
A newer version (Rev 4) of this circuit board is available. Rev 4 includes a faster CPU, more memory, more I/O and an optional LCD. We recommend you use Rev 4 for new projects. We are keeping these very old pages on-line for reference to assist people who build the original version of the 8051 development board.
The very old design is difficult to troubleshoot due to the use of an external 27C64 EPROM for the monitor program. We highly recommend you use the new design for any new projects.

Where To Go From Here

some simple example programs... some notes about how to program the 8051.

some simple circuits to interface leds, speakers, relays, etc to port1 and the 82C55 lines.

some hints about the 8051's built in timers, interrupts, UART and how to do some neat tricks with them.

some hints about how to migrate a design from the development board to a dedicated system... and common errors that turn up when PAULMON is not used anymore.

Paul's Sample 8051 Development Board Design
Last updated: February 24, 2005
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