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Development Board Revisions

Feature summary of each 8051 development board revision:

5200432k30k2.150 + 8 LED (Not Shared)
+ 3 Diagnostic LEDs
8-15V Unregulated
Two Connectors
4200232k30k2.150 + 8 LED (Not Shared)8-15V UnregulatedYes
319998k32k2.134 (8 LED Shared)8-15V UnregulatedNo
219978k32k2.034 (8 LED Shared)5V and 12V RegulatedNo
119928k0k1.058 ??5V RegulatedNo

You can go to the page for any board revision by selecting its photo below.

Rev 5
Rev 5
Rev 4
Rev 4
Rev 3
Rev 3
Rev 2
Rev 2
Rev 1
Rev 1

8051 Development Board Revisions
Last updated: February 24, 2005
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