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You are here: MP3 Player Technical Docs Kit Assembly, Rev C Step 6-B

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Step 6-B, Chips and Sockets

Parts Placement Illustration, Step 6-B

Step 6-B, Component List

1Red IC, TDA2822, Dual Audio Amplifier
1Blue IC, 74HC373, Octal D-Latch
1Green IC, MAX232, RS-232 Interface, 5 Volt
1YellowIC, 74HC165, Parallel-In, Serial-Out Shift Register
1OrangeSocket, 44 PLCC and IC, 87C52 Microcontrller, Programmed With PM2_MP3.HEX
1VioletSocket, 32 PLCC and IC, 39LV010, Flash ROM, 128Kx8
1Brown Socket, 84 PLCC and IC, XCS10XL, Field Programmable Gate Array
1Cyan Socket, 72 Pin SIMM

Step 6-B, Notes

Double check the socket orientations before soldering, as it can be very difficult to de-solder a component with so many pins. The PLCC sockets must align with their diagonal corner as shown, and the SIMM socket must have pin 1 facing the left.

Hi-Res Images Available

These eleven assembly diagrams are also available as high resolution TIFF files that will look better when printed.

MP3 Player Kit, Assembly Instructions, Paul Stoffregen.
Last updated: February 23, 2005
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