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You are here: MP3 Player Technical Docs Kit Assembly, Rev A Step 2

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Step 2, MP3 Player Resistors and Other Low Profile Components

Parts Placement Illustration, Step 2

Step 2, Component List

4Red Resistor, 4.7 Ohm, Yellow - Violet - Gold - Gold
2Blue Resistor, 196 Ohm, Metal Film, Brown - White - Blue - Black - Brown
2Green Resistor, 330 Ohm, Orange - Orange - Brown - Gold
2YellowResistor, 1K Ohm, Brown - Black - Red - Gold
3OrangeResistor, 8.25K Ohm, Metal Film, Gray - Red - Green - Brown - Brown
1VioletResistor Network, 22K Ohm, 8 Lead Bussed, Marked "8X-1-223"
4Gray Capacitor, 33 pF, Ceramic Disc, NPO
2Brown Diode, 1N4007
1Cyan Crystal, 7.3728 MHz

MP3 Player Kit, Assembly Instructions, Paul Stoffregen.
Last updated: February 23, 2005
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