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This new design has replaced the old one. The design shown on this page is obsolete. The new design has more features, is flash upgradable, is much easier to use, costs less, and is actually available if you'd like to buy one! It's better than this old design is almost every way. These old pages are still available, mostly for reference.

Here you'll find my original hand-drawn notes that I used when I put together my first MP3 player. These are a bit rough, but I'd rather get something useful on-line now, instead of waiting forever to do a nicer job.

Original Notes Regarding MAS3507D and DAC Wiring

These are my original notes that I used when I connected the MAS3507D to the 8051. Pins 3 and 4 were never connected. The bottom portion shows the notes regarding the Crystal CS4327 DAC chip. Not described here is a little circuit built with a 74HC125 tri-state buffer chip, which switches the 8051's serial port from the cable to the PC to the MAS3507D chip, by using P3.4 (when low) to enable a buffer to drive the MAS3507D. This circuit is described (somewhat) on the page with the close-up photos of the point-to-point wiring.
handwritten wiring notes

PLCC Socket Pinout, Bottom View

It's a lot easier (at least for me) to draw the PLCC pinout, viewed from the bottom, and oriented as I view it while I'm connecting the wires.
pin number diagram

Notes Regarding Plastic Enclosure

This is the third page, where I drew the plans for putting together the simple plastic box that holds the project.
dimentional diagram of the box

Paul's Homebrew MP3 Player, Paul Stoffregen.
Designed and constructed Winter, 2000.
Last updated: February 23, 2005
Status: More info to come... just a couple photos for now.
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