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Physical Size of MP3 Player Board

Figure 1: Corner Mounting Holes

Figure 2: Standard (3.5 inch) Hard Disk Mounting Holes

Figure 3: Laptop (2.5 inch) Hard Disk Mounting Holes

Figure 4: External Connectors

Figure 5: Six Pushbuttons

Figure 6: Internal Connectors

Figure 7: Tallest Components

Physical Size of the 24x8 LCD

Figure 8: Board Dimensions and Mounting Holes

Figure 9: Image and Bezel Size, and Contrast Adjustment

Figure 10: Side View, LCD and Component Heights

Printable PDF Files

  1. Main Board: Corner Mounting Holes
  2. Main Board: Standard Hard Disk Mounting Holes
  3. Main Board: Laptop Hard Disk Mounting Holmes
  4. Main Board: External Connectors
  5. Main Board: Pushbuttons
  6. Main Board: Internal Connectors
  7. Main Board: Tall Components
  8. 24x8 LCD: Dimensions and Mounting Holes
  9. 24x8 LCD: Image and Bezel Size
  10. 24x8 LCD: LCD and Component Heights

MP3 Player, Physical Size (Mechanical Drawings), Paul Stoffregen.
Last updated: February 23, 2005
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