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LCD & Pushbutton User Interface

TODO: this is a brand new page... I'm still post-processing the LCD images and adding them. I'll add text after the images are all up.

Start Up Screens

Figure 1: First Startup Screen, Initializing Hardware

Figure 2: Second Startup Screen, Scanning Directories

Main LCD Screen While Playing

Figure 3: Playing

Figure 4: Playing

Figure 5: Playing

Pushbutton Functions

Figure 6: Pushbutton Functions

Treble and Bass Adjustment

Figure 7: Second Screen, Treble and Bass

Figure 8: Adjusting Treble

Figure 8: Adjusting Bass

File/Directory Listing (Not Implemented Yet)

Figure 9: This feature is not implmented (yet)

Editing Parameters and Misc Settings

Figure 10: Configuration, Setting Treble Cutoff to 2.5 kHz

Figure 11: Configuration, Moving Cursor To "Disk Spin Down"

Figure 12: Configuration, Disabling Disk Spin Down

Figure 13: Configuration, Adjusting Bass Cutoff to 125 Hz

MP3 Player, LCD & Pushbutton User Interface, Paul Stoffregen.
Last updated: February 23, 2005
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