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Projects Using Teensy

DDR Dance Pad Repair

DDR Repair (French)
Joystick using LUFA
Source Code

Using the LUFA joystick demo, repair a DDR Dance Pad and improved it by getting rid of the psx to usb adaptor and it's tricky driver.

Jojo l'abricot

Wii Nunchuck Interface

YouTube Video

A Wii Nunchuck controls servo motors and LEDs. Arduino source code using Wire library is available.

Patrick Faure

LED Shield

YouTube Video

Patrick Faure

Ticket Scanner

Message from Nico

Prototype of a "cost-efficent Ticket Scanner for an NPO."


Data Leak Prevention Bypass


Testing the capabilities of Data Leak Prevention software.

Thomas Cannon

Solar House Thermostat

Files Rich Sent

Thermostat and blower controller. Uses Arduino libraries: Ethernet, OneWire, Bounce, EEPROM, GLCD.

Rich Hollabaugh

Music Playing Alarm Clock

Instructables Page

YouTube Video

Very configurable, IR controlled music player clock!

Frank Zhao

4x4 Robot Chassis

YouTube Video

A cheap 4wd Robot chassis from China, controlled by a Teensy++.

Brian Schulteis

Serial Data Analyzer

Files from Tony Griggs

RS-232 serial data analyzer with Python-based software front end.

Tony Griggs

DataHand USB Upgrade


Reversed engineered and retrofitted the DataHand Personal with USB and customization features only found in the much more expensive professional version.


Autonomously Playing Guitar Hero

YouTube Video

A computer plays Guitar Hero using OpenCV to analyze the video signal and Teensy to simulate the PS2 controller.

Johnny Chung Lee

LED Cube

Website - with schematic.

Jaan Janesmae

Homemade Plastic Extrusion

YouTube Video

A plastic extrusion system that could be used as a low cost growing media for Aquaponics. The Teensy is used to monitor and control the temperature of a heating chamber in a plastic extrusion machine.

Rob T

LED Shield

YouTube Video

A LED shield for making blinking led tests easier.

Jaan Janesmae

Led Matrix Canvas

YouTube Video

Awesome 48x16 LED Matrix. This project leverages Teensy to do ultra-fast serial communication (usb_serial lib) with LED Matrix. The data fed from a host PC and can draw complex animations. The refresh rate can get up to ~200 fps.

JB Kim

IRremote R/C

YouTube Video


C64 Floppy Drive USB Adaptor

Photo1 & Photo2
XUM1541 project

A C64 floppy drive adapter cable using a Teensy 2.0. It's just a small patch for the XUM1541 project based on the LUFA library. It should show up in the next XUM, CBM4WIN/LINUX and VICE emulator releases.

Thomas Kindler

Fridge Controller

Flickr Photo

A microcontroller-powered temperature controller for a fridge, built out of fabricated necessity and spare parts.

"P^2 Paul"

Simple Robotics Breadboard

Instructables Link

A simple, inexpensive breadboard for robotics experiments. Uses the Babuino/Blocos software environment.

Jim Larson

Dual Teensy Robot Platform

Website Link

This old motor platform has been retrofitted with two Teensy micro controllers, one for motor control and the other for sensor integration. The motor control is realized in Blockos while the sensors uses Txtzyme and depends on higher level control offered by the laptop computer.

Jim Larson & Ward Cunningham

Octomod Synthesizer

Website Link

The USB-Octomod is a USB device which allows generation of computer-controlled analog synthesizer control voltages in the range of +/- 5V.

Greg Surges

Hand Motion Mouse

YouTude Video
Hack-a-Day Link
Source code (or this copy)

The photoresistors are detecting the light emitted by an LED and refracted by your hand, allowing you to control your cursor simply by moving your hand over the sensors. The closer you are from the sensors, the faster the cursor will be.


PLC Controller

Website Link

Homebrew programmable logic controller. It's not a Simatic S7, but a nice start. Programming, compiling and flashing the controller is done in a graphical point-and-click environment.

Tomazh Furlan

BaronPilot Quadricopter

BaronPilot Website
Video - first flight

Quadricopter using Wii Nunchuck & Moution Plus and Teensy++ or Arduino Nano for autostabilization.

Francesco Ferrara (Ciskje)

Vacuum System Controller

Photos on flickr

Controller for turbo pump package on the Residual Gas Analyzer. Uses a teensy 2.0 programed with Arduino to decode the analog gauge output from the cold cathode ion gauge. It also controls the valves.


Txtzyme Javascope

Project Website
Source Code

Txtzyme interprets flexible command from a host computer and reports data captured in the process. Javascope collects and animates the display of this data.

Ward Cunningham

Ghetto Drum System

Video Demonstration
Website Link

Ghetto Drum System that supports MIDI over USB.

Jason Plumb

Inductive Joystick

Rick's Message, with Pictures

Using inductive joystick to control a CNC machine to manually move the axis in manual mode as well as to act as a mouse via a connected PC.

Rick Shear

Avago LED Display

Website link

Avago LED display, to show random characters or messages.

Dave M. (spacewrench)

USB + SNES Gamepad

Step by step tutorial

This project tutorial will show you how you can convert a console game pad into a USB keyboard mouse for playing games on your PC. The USB game pad can be used with nearly any software, such as a MAME emulator, game, simulation software, or for custom user interfaces.

Limor (Ladyada)

Teensy on PIC DEM 2

Blog Post

"Microchip must really love this! This is a PIC DEM 2 demo board used to host a Teensy++ board. It had all the stuff I needed to test on the demo board; LCD, LED, MAX232, and buttons."

William Bowers

Cigar Box Gamepad

Martins' message, with photos
Source code

USB powered arcade game controller. Its going to use Seimitsu LS-40 joystick & two Sanwa push-buttons.

Martins Grunskis

Programmable Keystroke Dongle

Website Link

The Phantom Keystroker acts as a keyboard/mouse USB HID (Human Interface Device) to send keystrokes..... This started me thinking, what if you could make something like this that was programmable? There are all sorts of things you could do with it.

Adrian Crenshaw (irongeek)

Video Output - Game Of Life

Markus's Message, with Video

The program generates a video signal in the ISR, and to have something nice and dynamic to display it calculates Conway's Game of Life [1]. Only two resistors and a RCA jack are needed.

Markus Gritsch

Nintendo NES Controller - USB Joystick

Website link

An old Nintendo NES controller modified to function as a USB joystick.

Peter Polidoro

CD Emulation

YouTube Video
Website link

A USB MassStorage Device that can emulate A CD Rom Library

C. Reno

Simple Hexabot Clone

Website link

Small hexabot is based in the simple three-servo hexapod robot using the Pololu Micro Maestro. This version uses a Teensy and small shield to connect sensors and servos. This bot will use a small lamp and the hexapod will follow the light.

Salvador García Bernal

Surface Mount Soldering Temperature Control

Instructable Page

Control the temperature of a hot plate used for surface mount soldering. This Instructable will show you how to build your own industrial-strength temperature controller.

Jim Larson (doctek)


A modded Logitech mouse that sends it's PS/2 data stream to the Teensy which normally forwards it as USB-HID-Mouse package. This way it normally behaves like an ordinary mouse. But via a Bluetooth-SPP connection you can alter the normal mouse behaviour ;-) or even send Keyboard-/Mouse-HID-Packets/-Macros from any BT device to the mouse, which then forwards them to the host.

Andreas Rothenwänder (Austria)


After copying the patched spi.h file, the Arduino web server example sprang to life. (WIZ812MJ module)

Michael Margolis

Automated Aquaponics Greenhouse

Project Video

Teensy used to automate my Aquaponics greenhouse. It controls everything: vents, heater, pumps, temperature sensors, light sensors, and the fish feeder. The teensy is used as the data I/O module and communicates with a laptop which processes it and uploads it to a web site.

Rob T.

Craps Game

Project Video

C Source Code

Trygve Madsen

Multi-Channel Voltage Monitor

Product Page

Serge Ioffe


Two Teensy boards communicating via the onboard UART, to "remote control"another PC (or other devices with USB keyboard capability).

Andreas Rothenwänder (Austria)

Wand (persistence of vision)

Project Video

Trygve Madsen

Ryan's Game 2

Project Video

Trygve Madsen


Project Video

Trygve Madsen


Project page / Development discussion

3DP-Vert is a device to connect a Microsoft SideWinder 3D Pro, Precision Pro, or Force Feedback Pro joystick as a generic USB HID Joystick to a computer while retaining full functionality (8-way hat, slider, and all buttons) at a high readout rate (250Hz) with low latency (< 1ms.)

Detlef Mueller


Wired up Teensy++, a BTM 222 module and some hardware switches to have control over numerous light circuits via USB, up to seven Bluetooth devices and the hardware switches.

DmxSimple for Teensy++

Andreas Rothenwänder (Austria)

Nursery Irrigation System

John's Full Message, with Pictures

A plant nursery irrigation system ... to schedule device turn on and turn off.

John Christ

Teensy Automation

Website link

It polls the PIR sensor and wiggles the mouse cursor when it detects motion after no motion is detected for 10 minutes. Now whenever I sit down at the machine, the board automatically wakes up the screensaver...

Joshua Neal

Teensy Meets Nixie

Website link

Joshua Neal



"USB pan & tilt camera mount". TeensyNinja is a hardware modification project for a product called "Ninja Pan & Tilt Camera Mount" from vendor called

Manish Pandya

Codosome Hexis

Website link

Interactive video generated in Atmel AVR assembly language and controlled by photocells as part of a Dorkbot art installation at the ON Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

Jim Larson & Ward Cunningham

36 Blinking Lights

Website: Website link


Buttons Sliders Stompswitches

Website: Website link


MIDI Controller


It is primarily geared at being a sample trigger -- you can turn the encoder knob to select a controller number, and press one of the 12 keys to trigger a sample in that "bank".

Jason Plumb

We would love to show your project here. Just email a photo, short description (20 - 50 words), your name as you would like it to appear and any other info.