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Consumable Supplies

Two companies, Injectorall and GC Electronics, make most of the chemicals and supplies you'll need to make printed circuit boards using this process. Both will sell directly in small quantities, but often times it's more convienent to buy from a distributor. Outside the United States, I have no idea what your options are.

Injectorall - Board Material, Chemicals, Etc.

GC Electronics - Board Material, Chemicals, General Electronics.

Mouser Electronics - Distributor (GC Electronics), Ammonium Persulphate Etchant.


Semi Transparent Paper
Photocopier grade transparancy paper can be used in a laser printer, but the toner doesn't adhere to the plastic surface very well. A velum paper accepts the toner as well as ordinary paper but requires a approx double the exposure time.
  • Velum Paper info
  • Laser Printer Transparancy info
Copper Clad Board Material with Photoresist
Using these boards is much easier than using photoresist to coat bare boards, but they cost more than bare board and the photoresist. Injectorall and GC Electronics offer these boards. Based on recent experience, I would recommend Injectorall over GC.
Copper Clad Board Material (bare)
Often times bare copper clad board material can be found at surplus shops, which it will be much cheaper. It can also be purchased from Injectorall, GC, and a variety of other sources.
GC Electronics makes a spray-on protoresist. Until about 1991 this chemical gave me very good results, but I suspect GC Electronics made some change and it stopeed working well. It can be ordered through Mouser Electronics as well as directly from GC.
Developer Solution
Etching Solution (acid)
Ferric Chloride is widely available and even Radio Shack carries it in some stores. Do not use ferric chloride. Mouser (used to) offer Ammonium Persulphate, but apparantly they have not discontinued it. Injectorall offers Sodium Persulphate which come as crystals which you add with water.
Drill Bits
Tin Plating Solution
For many years GC Electronics offered a two part liquid and powder product which would tin-plate boards. They have discontinued this product. Injectorall feels this chemical is dangerous and they don't want to sell it. --add recipe for tin plating solution.

Making Simple Low-Volume Printed Circuit Boards, Paul Stoffregen
Last updated: February 24, 2005
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