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The "Decimator" Chip Layout

This layout preview image is also available in medium, large, and huge sizes.

Files to Download

  • Magic 6.3 Layout (CMOSN rules), in ZIP or GZIP format.
  • CIF Format Layout, in ZIP or GZIP format.
  • CMOSN tech file for Magic, in ZIP or GZIP format.

Fourth Order Low-Pass Filter IC with Decimation Factor of 32 (aka "The Decimator")
Paul Stoffregen - Circuit Design, IC Layout, Spice Simulation
Shivani Gupta - Schematic Entry, Switch-Level Simulation
Srinivas Pattamatta (aka PVS) - Spice Simulation, Fiddling with CAD Software
Richard Schreier - Project Specification, Architecture Outline, Free Pizza
Last updated: February 24, 2005