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AS31 and SDCC For Linux Based Systems

These instructions were developed and tested on a system running Red Hat Linux 7.1. Most linux distributions are very similar and these instructions should work with little or no change on most other linux-based systems.

AS31 Assembler

TODO: clean this up, use nice html

1: Download AS31 Source Code

2: Unpack the archive
tar -xvzf as31_beta3.tar.gz
cd as31

3: Build the code

4: Run Tests (optional)
cd tests
../as31 paulmon1.asm
../as31 paulmon2.asm 
../as31 extra.asm
diff paulmon1.hex paulmon1.ref 
diff paulmon2.hex paulmon2.ref 
diff extra.hex extra.ref

5: Copy Executables
cp as31 as31_gtk /usr/local/bin

SDCC C Compiler

1: Download SDCC Source Code

2: Unpack the archive
tar -xvzf sdcc230-pj1.tar.gz
cd sdcc

3: Configure the code

4: Build the code

5: Install Executables and C libraries
make install

Compiling AS31 and SDCC on RedHat 7.1; Paul Stoffregen
Last updated: February 24, 2005
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