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Commercial 8051 Products

Please note, I do not specifically endorse any of these products... This list is simply a place to put the text I receive in email regarding commercial products, so that it might be useful for others.


8051 Visual Simulator: As part of a computer programming curriculum, this company offers a visual simulator for the 8051 microprocessor. A complete IDE with editor, assembler, and debugger allows you to write 8051 programs that control simulated peripherals such as a scrolling signboard, a robotic mouse in a maze, and an LED bar graph used to display the volume peaks detected in real time in whatever .WAV file is currently playing through the computer's speakers.

Virtual Micro Design

UMPS: Simulator-Assembler-Disassembler for 8051 and many other MCU include complex components simulator to simulate serial E2Prom, I2C devices, Dallas 1-Wire devices, LCD panel ...

Please notice Assembler/Disassembler is FREE.

Zionix introduces the Z8051-SBC, a single board computer featuring the popular 8051 micro-controller and loaded with peripheral features including:

40K gate Xilinx Spartan Series FPGA
PCMCIA interface (build an interface to virtually any PCMCIA card)
160 Kbytes Flash
32 Kbytes NVSRAM w/ RTC
10 independent, 200 KSPS ADCs
Dual DAC
Supports Dual RS232, Dual RS485, & CAN
49 digital I/Os
LCD & keypad interface
Power circuitry
Much More...

Visit us at
email us at

The new version of Reads51 IDE for Win95/98/NT now includes a project-oriented editor, C compiler, relative assembler, linker, chip simulator, and many industrial control applications software. The IDE is free to students and hobbyist (see for legal info).

Rigel Corporation has been manufacturing SBC's for the 8051/C251/C166 architectures since 1989.

Blue Earth Research designs and manufactures the Micro-440e, Micro-485, and Xplor PDC series of programmable controllers for embedded control, automation, and datalogging applications. These MCS-51 (8051 family) based microcontroller boards can be programmed in BASIC, assembler, or C and include digital I/O, analog inputs, and one or more RS-232 or RS-422/RS-485 serial ports. We also sell 8051 development tools, including a BASIC compiler. Our web site includes product descriptions & prices, sample software and application notes.

Blue Earth Research
1415 First Ave., Suite 400
Mankato MN USA 56001
tel: +1-507-387-4001
fax: +1-507-387-4008

MicroSHADOW Research, produces, develops and sells material related to 8051/52 microcontroller. In particular we develop LadderWORK, a LADDER / RELAY LOGIC compiler for the 80C51 core. LadderWORK is the first visual LADDER compiler for the 8051 microcontroller !

Moreover we have SBCs, PLCs and Embedded boards normally based on 8051 core.

Our Company manufactures products on 8051 and 80C310 based. The staple products are boards for industrial automation (PLC), systems for logic and analogic data acquisition and telecontrol systems. We have also created a development environment to program in "ladder" instruction list.

Check out our pages at:

E-mail to: Dr. Sylvia Musmeci

LAWICEL has Single Board Computers, with CAN (Controller Area Network), P/N C515C-BBE and C505C-BBF.

Iguana Labs @

This website has lots of 8051 shareware tools such as assemblers, compilers, disassemblers, simulators, tutorials, chip pinouts, etc. We sell a low cost 2051 programmer and 8751/8951 programmer as well as several embedded processor related parts.

From: Keith Kroeker
I also have a web page [same a listed above, Iguana Labs] that offer a low cost programmer for the 2051 and the 1051 as well as the new 20 pin Atmel AVR microcontrollers. I also offer two adapter boards, one for programming 8x51 microcontrollers and one for the 40pin AVR chips. The programmer is $75 and the adapters are $24 each.

We develop and produce 8051 based minimodules since 1986. We actually offer a 80C320, a 80C592 and a SAB-C515C (brandnew Siemens controller with integrated FULL-CAN) version.
All modules are available with a BASIC-interpreter. (8052-AH-BASIC like, but much more powerfull!)
Check out our pages at

We have developed a C compiler for 8051 and we have been selling it all over the world for last 1 year. Could you list our name etc. in here ?

Pramod Ranade

SPJ Embedded Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
101, Beaver Grandeur, Baner Road, Pune - 411 045 (INDIA)
Tel.: +91-20-27293002, Fax.: +91-20-27293003


Would you like your product listed here. Ask and ye shall receive. It's free. Just send a breif description and/or the URL of your web page. The text that you send is likely to find its way to this page with no editing, but a little html added where necessary. Even commercial monitors, assemblers, and single-board computers are welcome here!

Commercial 8051 Products, (list maintained by) Paul Stoffregen
Last updated: February 24, 2005
Status: commercial info added as I receive it in email.
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