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FPGA Schematic, 1 June 2000

Here are the current schematics, as of Jun 1, 5:14 pm. I'm not going to write much here explaining them, like I did on May 28. The new circuitry allows the microprocessor to make requests, which cause the state machine to execute them (well, it will do that someday). The state machine is coming along nicely... it has all the states, but only a bit of logic is in place to make the DRAM task just do a 32 bit increment, to test that the requests are working.

I added a number of text comments to the main schematic, which more or less explain how it works.

Main Schematic

State Machine Schematic

Paul's Homebrew MP3 Player, Paul Stoffregen.
Designed and constructed Winter, 2000.
Last updated: November 28, 2003
Status: More info to come... just a couple photos for now.
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