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MIDI Drum Machine
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Circuit Board Layout Artwork

Note: the new circuit board layout will not have any surface mount components, and it will be made with a silk screen that identifies each part, to make it much easier to assemble.

Parts Placement Diagram. The three dotted parts are surface mount soldered to the bottom (solder) side of the board. The four analog input sections are identical (LM324 opamp, two 10 resistors, two 0.01uF capacitors, and eight 1N4148 diodes). Only the first one is labeled, to avoid a lot of extra clutter in this diagram.
parts placement diagram

Component Side Layout:
pc board layout, component side

Solder Side Layout:
pc board layout, solder side

TODO: Were there any mod wires needed?

View the close-up photo of the main circuit board.

Take a look at the main CPU schematic.

The MIDI Drum Machine, Paul Stoffregen and Rod Seely.
Designed and constructed Fall, 1991. Project status: Complete.
Last updated: February 24, 2005
-- These drum-machine web pages are still under construction --
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