From: Anthony Kaul
To: Paul Stoffregen
Subject: Wiznet network motherboard power switch
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013

Hi Paul,

I am writing to you today in regards to completing my project that you helped me with, providing me with the new header file for the wiznet 5100 adaptor.

I have finally finished writing the code for the processor, and I have implemented it into one of my servers.

I have attached screenshots of what I have done.

[This photo] shows the teensy 2.0 adapted with one of your wiz812 adaptor kits. Then adapted to the wiznet 5100 network adaptor.

From the picture you can see that I soldered a few test leads right into the teensy. These leads power the opto-isolator.

[This photo] shows the whole view. The teensy to the wiznet to the opto-isolator (the black electrical tape bundle)

This then goes to a 5v relay which acts like a switch on a computer case (the two left most blue wires on the motherboard). The teensy has enough power to switch the relay (but i had to put a current limiting resistor inline with the teensy output pin. It was drawing over 50mA, and according to the electrical specs from atmel, 40mA is max)

The two right leads that you see on the motherboard are for the computer power led. They give 5v signal back to the teensy so that i can tell on the web interface if the computer has shut off like i want it to.

I have also included a screenshot of my web interface.

At the moment it includes a hard shutdown (equivalent to holding the power button in to shut the computer down). Includes a ACPI shutdown (equivalent to momentary hitting the button to shutdown the OS), and a start computer button (which is effectively the same as as acpi shutdown, since it does the same thing.)

I will be re-writing the code for the ACPI shutdown and startup buttons so that it has either one depending on the computer status indicator. (also want to get a ip KVM, to have total hardware control of a remote server)

Hope you like what I have done.

Thanks Paul for fixing the w5100.h file for me. Really appreciate it!

Anthony Kaul