Many months ago I spoke to you about using a teensy with an inductive joystick. This would control a CNC machine to manually move the axis in manual mode as well as to act as a mouse via a connected PC. You said you would be interested in some photo's if I got the project to completion.

Well, Here they are. The 37 pin cable connects the teensy and darlington driver to the various I/O on the Horizontal CNC Table mill. The USB cable connects to the PC. The 5 pin DIN plug provides power for the joystick as well as the teensy 2.0. I separate the 5V from the USB so I can detect if the PC is on or not. That way the unit works if the PC is off or not connected and will only run the USB initialization if it sees the 5V there.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you want to share any of the pics, you are welcome to as well.