Just thought I'd let you know I just got my first project done on the Teensy. I am familiar with ARM, PIC etc. but have never used AVR platform before, and your website documentation was great to get started.

I got my Teensy just a couple days ago and I ported this project

http://www.mikrocontroller.net/articles/AVR-Transistortester (German)

over to the Teensy as my accelerated tutorial.

And I was done in just a day and a half ! Not bad considering the project and source code is documented in German. And it wasn't trivial, it assumed contiguous ADC pins ADC0 ... 2 would be available, I had to do a fair bit of pin juggling in the code. Redirected the lcd display routines to usb and used your hid_listener to display the results.

Attached screenshots of the build and the working component tester. Pretty happy with this as I can now actually identify and use the parts i scavenge !

best regards