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Shipping Cost

Shipping cost estimate to postal code "190000" in Russia.

Air Mail 1-3 weeks $ 12.41
No No Air mail delivery may be delayed in customs or transit. Unlike UPS, there is nobody who can find your package if it does not arrive on time. Because of the risk, please do not select Air Mail for orders over $200.
UPS Express 1-2 days $ 155.08
Yes Yes UPS Express Worldwide. UPS will use a broker to clear customs quickly, and this can result in an additional fee due when the package is delivered.

Important Notes

Tracked services allow you to find out where you package is and when it will be delivered. PJRC will email your package's tracking number on the day it is delivered to the carrier. Using the carrier's web site, you can see a report of where the package is within their system and when they have scheduled to deliver it.

Insured services provide insurance in the unlikely event that the carrier loses or damages your package. While this is very rare, we recommend that you select an insured service.

The shipping costs shown on this page are only an estimate. The actual shipping cost for your order is calculated in Step #3 of the order placement, before you select your paymant choice. The exact weight of the items you choose in Step #1 will be used in the Step #3 calculation. The total value of your items will also influence the shipping cost for the insured services.

Shipping costs are shown in US dollars. Conversion linkns are provided by XE.COM. Your bank, Western Union, Paypal or other financial institution may provide a different conversion rate of your currency to US dollars. PJRC can not quote the exact conversion rate and fees you may receive from your financial institution.

The cost shown here is the for delivery by the common carrier only (UPS, Postal Service, etc.). It does not include any taxes, duties, import tarrifs, or any other import or brokerage fees. PJRC has no way of estimating these fees or paying them on your behalf. If additional fees are assessed, you will be notified by the carrier and the carrier will collect the fees, usually at the time of delivery.